The God of Death, who was called Eve the first mortal, who was called Nathaniel, the gift of the gods


God of death and guardian of the Hereafter. Created when Abraxas and Hadraniel created and killed the first mortal. Story about after Abaddon died and was resurrected, he took up a bow and arrow, and fired the arrow into the distance.

“There,” Adam said, “marks the Hereafter where the souls of mortals shall find rest. No one shall set foot therein, and no God nor mortal shall gaze upon it, for it is Death and Annhilation.”

Respected by the Gods for its unique power, and by mortals for the freedom death represented during the Tyranny. Enigmatic, Adam did not participate in the schemes of the gods.

Symbols- Cypress tree, bow and arrow, the cross


Elysium Sohkrates